Our Approach


Many producers rely on a lot of added fruit juices and flavoured (“naturally” or otherwise) teas to create their kombuchas or their craft sodas. At Theonista, our emphasis is on allowing our flavour profiles be guided first and foremost by whole ingredients that come from actual plant parts and not laboratories.

For example, only one of our kombuchas (our antioxidant powerhouse Pomegranate & Rooibos) contains fruit juice (less than 2%, with no added sugars, preservatives, flavourants, or colourants).

Fresh pressed ginger, which itself has countless health properties, is added to four of our flavours, and if you taste the different gingery options we have you’ll find it’s the tea base rather than the ginger that defines the overall taste.

We are also deeply dedicated to small batch methods and unique craftsmanship. This includes carefully controlled fermentation and brewing methods that allow us to create balance organically and therefore we don’t have to dilute our products nor rely on excessive amounts of unfermented sugar or other sweeteners.

All of our other products follow suit: Clean, simple, delicious.

Our chai is made from whole spices and organic rooibos tea, totally free of dairy derivatives, syrups, or flavourings. Our ginger beer is made from real ginger, real lemons, brown sugar, our unique blend of fermented cultures, and rooibos tea.

We’ve got lots more on the way, too, so stay tuned!


Ginger beer and glass kombucha bottles can be returned to us and participating stockists for a rebate. Our plastic bottles are BPA free and 100% recyclable. We’re an active member and avid supporter of PETCO, South Africa’s PET recycling corporation. Find our more about their inspiring progress here. If you really don’t know where to recycle your plastic bottles you can also bring them to us and we’ll do it for you.


Our products are almost entirely handmade and hand processed. While that’s an important component of being an artisan or “craft” business, it only tells part of the story. Wherever possible we have consistently chosen to invest in people over machines because this directly translates to job creation and skill development.



100% of our food waste (e.g. tea leaves and ginger pulp) is composted at Oranjezicht City Farm, as it has been since we (and they) started out.


Sorry! We aren’t currently able to regularly offer tours or tastings at our facility. In the meantime, please check out the news page for updates on new flavours and events.